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Cairns & Associates, P.C. specializes in workers’ compensation and related employment law, including the ADA, FMLA, Title VII, the ADEA and the OWBPA.  With respect to workers’ compensation, the firm provides counseling, litigation, and mediation services.  In regard to employment law, we help clients effectively administer hiring and firing processes, fitness for duty examinations, functional capacity tests, accommodation programs for aging or disabled workers, and common sense drug policies and procedures.

We represent a wide variety of clients in different fields, including construction companies, school districts, cities, churches, third-party administrators and insurance companies. Our experience includes defense of non-insured employers, as well as consulting with national companies who license testing protocols for employees.

Our attorneys:

Gregory B. Cairns, Esq.

Gregory Cairns has practiced 37 years as a workers’ compensation defense attorney in Colorado representing self-insured employers and insurance companies. He has taught thousands of employers, adjusters and other industry specialists about fraud, controlling costs and ADA and FMLA considerations in workers’ compensation cases. He has also conducted numerous CLE classes for other attorneys. Always entertaining, Mr. Cairns mixes humor, anecdotes and hard data for an unforgettable training experience.



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