A worker’s compensation case may be closed in a variety of ways.  First, an Administrative Law Judge or the Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation may decide that the claimant is entitled to no more benefits.  The claimant has the right to appeal that determination but, if they lose the appeal, their case will be closed.  Second, the Division may close a case because a claimant failed to go forward with it within six (6) months of the last activity.  Third, an adjuster may close a case if the claimant has abandoned medical care  and the adjuster has notified the claimant in writing that their case will be closed unless they seek medical care.  Fourth, the insurance carrier of self-insured employer may attempt to close a case by sending the Claimant a Final Admission of Liability (which is explained elsewhere in this Glossary).  If the claimant does not object to the Final Admission in writing within thirty days of the date of the Final Admission, the claimant’s case will be automatically closed with respect to any of the issues admitted in the Final Admission.  Once the case is closed the claimant may be able to reopen the case, but they must follow certain rules.  (See “Reopening” elsewhere in this Glossary).  (Section 8-43-303, C.R.S.)

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