A Final Admission of Liability is a document used by the insurance industry to try to close a case.  The Final Admission of Liability will state when the claimant arrived at maximum medical improvement, the permanent impairment rating given to them by the doctor, and the amount that the insurance company is willing to pay for their injury.  It will also list temporary disability benefits and medical care paid to date.  It must have attached to it a copy of any medical information that the insurance carrier is relying on in order to file the Final Admission of Liability.  If the Final Admission of Liability is not objected to in 30 days, then the case will be closed and the claimant will not be entitled to seek additional benefits beyond what appears in the Final Admission unless the employee can prove appropriate grounds to reopen the case.  (Section 8-43-203(2) (b), C.R.S.).  To view a Final Admission of Liability, log on the Division’s website (http://www.coworkforce.com/dwc) and click on “Forms”.

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