A claimant can only receive temporary total disability (“TTD”) or temporary partial disability (“TPD”) while they are still healing from their injury.  Maximum medical improvement means that the doctor has determined that there is no more medical care that can be given to improve their condition.  The statute provides a new strict definition of MMI which doctors and judges alike must use:  “Maximum medical improvement means a point in time when any medically determinable physical or mental impairment as a result of injury has become stable and when no further treatment is reasonably expected to improve the condition.  The requirement for future medical maintenance which will not significantly improve the condition or the possibility of improvement or determination resulting from the passage of time shall not affect a finding of maximum medical improvement.  The possibility of improvement or deterioration resulting, from the passage of time alone shall not affect a finding of maximum medical improvement.  “(Section 8-40-201(11.5), C.R.S.).

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