If a claimant is injured on the job, they are entitled to payment of all reasonably necessary medical care required as a result of the work-related injury.  (Section 8-42-101, C.R.S.).  Included in medical benefits are prescriptions, surgery, physical therapy or any devices that a doctor prescribes for them.  Also included in medical benefits are transportation expenses to and from the doctors’ appointments or pharmacies.  If the claimant is driving their automobile, they should keep track of the miles they travel to and from their doctor’s office for each appointment so that it can be submitted to the insurance carrier.  This mileage is paid at a rate determined by the Director.   The current rate is 53 cents per mile.( See WCRP 18-6(E .  Even though the doctors may not be paid 100% by the insurance company because of fee scheduling under workers’ compensation, a claimant is still not responsible for any medical costs incurred.  If the claimant purchases their own prescriptions, they should keep the receipts so that they can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement.  Once an employer or insurance carrier has filed an admission of liability, or an Administrative Law Judge has found that employer or the insurance carrier is liable for the payment of medical costs or fees, medical providers may not attempt to recover costs or fees from the claimant.  (Section 8-42-101(4), C.R.S.).  Medical benefits remain payable as long as a lifetime.  See discussion of the term “Grover Medical Benefits” elsewhere in this Glossary.

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