In some situations, a claimant may not receive a full worker’s compensation benefit.  If they receive unemployment compensation, social security disability benefits, social security retirement benefits, workers’ compensation benefits from another state, or disability or retirement benefits from their employer, their benefits may be reduced or even eliminated.  In addition, if they willfully violate a reasonable safety rule, willfully fail to use a reasonable safety device, willfully lie to the employer about their ability to safely do the job, or are intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances, and their injury is caused by their behavior, their benefits may be reduced by 50%.  Such reductions of their benefits are known as offsets.  (Sections 8-42-103, 8-42-124 (7), 8-42-112 (2), 8-42-112.5, 8-43-304, C.R.S.).  (See also “Safety Rule Violations”.)

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