If a claimant wishes to settle their case without a hearing, they may discuss settlement informally with the insurance adjustor or the carrier’s attorney.  If they have a dispute which requires the assistance of a Pre-Hearing Administrative Law Judge (PALJ), they may request a settlement conference at the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  Such conferences are voluntary, and if the other side does not want such a conference, they cannot force the party to appear at the settlement conference.  Settlement conferences are conducted by Pre-Hearing Administrative Judges who will not decide the merits of the case.  Any statements made in the settlement conference cannot be used as evidence at the upcoming hearing, and the Administrative Law Judge who presided over the settlement conference cannot be required to testify about any matter discussed in the settlement conference.  The parties are not required to reach a settlement at any such conference.  (Section 8-43-206, C.R.S.).

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