Using the AMA Guides, a  doctor may rate a claimant’s permanent injury as an “extremity rating” or “whole person rating”.

What a claimant gets paid for a whole person rating depends on their date of injury:

  1. If a claimant was injured before July 1, 1991 (prior to the passage of SB 218), their whole body rating is paid based on the chart called “Value of W.C. Rating Using Mortality Table”. On this chart you will find the line with the claimant’s age at maximum medical improvement and find out how much each percent of whole body rating is worth.  For example, at age 29 each percentage of whole body rating is worth $2,951.52.  If a claimant had a 10% whole body rating, they would be entitled to $29,515.20 for that rating.
  1. Under Senate Bill 218 (SB 218), which applies to injuries on or after July 1, 1991, the mortality table is no longer used. Instead, a whole body rating is paid through a formula.  Whole person ratings are only allowed for injuries which do not appear on the extremity chart.  Such injuries include back and neck strains, closed head injuries, hernias, and internal organ injuries.

The SB 218 formula  to calculate the award of permanent partial disability includes an “age factor”.  (Section 8-42-107(8) (a), C.R.S.).  The age factor for someone age 29 is 1.62.  The “Age Factor Table” is found on the DOWC website.

The formula for PPD is:  Whole person impairment rating multiplied (x) by age factor at MMI, multiplied (x) by 400 weeks multiplied (x) by the worker’s temporary total disability rate at MMI.  (Section 8-42-107 (8) (d), C.R.S.).

So, for a 29 year old with a 10% whole person rating after an injury occurring on August 3, 2013 at the maximum temporary total disability rate, the worker would be paid in PPD (assuming the $80,868.10 “cap” is not exceeded calculated as follows:

.10% medical impairment rating (whole person rating) multiplied (x) by 1.62 (age factor) multiplied (x) by 400 weeks multiplied (x) by .875.42 (worker’s temporary total disability rate at maximum medical improvement) equals $56,727.22.

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