Certain practitioners in the Colorado Workers’ Compensation system deserve special recognition for their outstanding contributions to the industry. The ICON SERIES on this website presents the story of those special individuals, each of whom has retired, in their own words. Each ICON was asked the same twenty questions.  Please enjoy their responses.

A new ICON will be introduced each month. If you want to nominate someone for an ICON, contact me.

PEPE MENDEZ, ESQ. – December 2015

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BARRIE SULLIVAN, ESQ. (1938-2013) – July 2015

Baseball is my passion; the practice of law allows me to indulge it.”

Barrie Sullivan, Esq. was a pre-eminent claimant attorney, gentleman and baseball fanatic. Here, in his own words as assisted by his brother Kerry, is his story.  That story was told just a few months before he passed from brain cancer in 2013.

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