Baseball is my passion; the practice of law allows me to indulge it.

Barrie Sullivan, Esq. was a pre-eminent claimant attorney, gentleman and baseball fanatic. Here, in his own words as assisted by his brother Kerry, is his story. That story was told just a few months before he passed from brain cancer in 2013.

Foreword by Kerry Sullivan, Esq.:

Barrie was proud to be a “working man’s lawyer.” From the early years of handling most anything that came in the door, to the past few decades of a practice narrowed to workers’ compensation and social security disability claims, he charged into the office each day, just as excited to get on with representing his clients.

His family was of course his primary devotion, but the rest of his life’s passion was split pretty evenly between the practice of law and major league baseball, and not just baseball but the Boston Red Sox in particular, and for the past 20 or so years, the Colorado Rockies.

He rejoiced in living his life with a focus on his family, his clients, his association with lawyers on both sides of his cases, and of course, baseball.

Q&A with Barrie Sullivan

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